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Friday April 29th, 2022 with Mimsey Demon
New Antigen Shift! Death Disco review with new mixes by Pete Shredz, Thunder Bitch!, and Jason Skilz! Industrial, jungle, techno/house, and more!

Tonight! A pair of new tunes by Antigen Shift from an upcoming new album! New mixes by Pete Shredz, Thunder Bitch!, and Jason Skilz, who all played at Death Disco last weekend! This week's events - Friday uSAYbFLOW CHOPOCALYPSE TOUR 9pm-2am, Mavericks 221 Rideau st. Saturday Hexennacht, Ritual and Unbaptism with special guest Antigen Shift 9pm Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau St. White Rabbit: Ali Harb, Brunch, Rick Laplante 8pm-2am, City At Night, 222 Slater st
City of Pillars
Antigen Shift - City of Pillars Canadian New
Solus Remembers
Antigen Shift - Solus Remembers Canadian New
Raider Jungle
Pete Shredz - Raider Jungle Canadian New
Minimal Deep Tech House
Jason Skilz - Minimal Deep Tech House Canadian New
April 03 2022 Techno Set
Thunder Bitch - April 03 2022 Techno Set Canadian New
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