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Friday March 11th, 2022 with Mimsey Demon
Mimsey Demon multigenre mix, Doc Savage & Aufki mix, Simon Sheppard mix! Bass, DnB, electro, house, techno, industrial, and more!

Tonight! Mimsey's Scream at The Circuitry mix! Doc Savage and Aufki's Mediterana Melodica mix! Simon Sheppard house mix! Events this weekend - Saturday 8pm-3am White Rabbit: Sergio Pari, Simon Sheppard, Rick Laplante City At Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday 10pm-2:30am Retro/Underground Returns! Swizzles 246 Queen Street
Children of Hell X
Muzz - Catharsis X EP New
Scream at The Circuitry
Mimsey Demon - Death Disco Canadian
Mediterana Melodica
Aufki & Doc Savage - Mediterana Melodica Canadian
Live At Deep Therapy
Sergio Pari - Live At Deep Therapy Canadian
Interactive CKCU