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Friday July 16th, 2021 with Mimsey Demon
Hunter Thompson birthday! New Ministry! Lush and Deko-Ze mixes!

Tonight! A couple of tunes for Hunter S Thompson who would have been 84 this week, a new song by Ministry, Mimsey's multigenre Screaming at The Circuitry mix, a new jungle mix by Lush, and a tech house mix by Deko-Ze!
Nixon's Spirit
Paul Oakenfold, Hunter S. Thompson - Bunkka
Good Trouble
Ministry - Good Trouble New
Screaming at The Circuitry
Mimsey Demon - Death Disco Canadian
Fun With Drugs (Withdrawal Therapy Album Version)
Velvet Acid Christ - Decypher
Inner City Dance
Lush - ISO March Canadian New
Deko-ze - DAFUQ Canadian
Interactive CKCU