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Friday February 19th, 2021 with Mimsey Demon
All Your Thursday Night Are Belong To Us. Mz. Revolution, Return of The Jaded, Phillogic, Mimsey Demon mixes. DnB, house, psytrance, industrial/goth.

Tonight! New drum n bass mix by former CKCU DJ Mz Revolution! Return of The Jaded house mix! Mimsey Demon psytrance mix! Phillogic goth/industrial mix! Track list for Mz. Revolution - Original Nuttah feat. Bunty DJ Madd Remix - Magic Drum Orchestra Flow - Noa Vae The Assassinator - Function Records UK WTF - Metafloor To The Top feat. Siege MC - Krakota Listen Up - Samurai Breaks Burning Up - The Vanguard Project Majesty - Duburban B Side Bubbler - Breakage Little Vibey Thing - Conrad Subs Bye Bye Bye feat. Chronixx Spy Remix - SH FX Rough and Rugged - Ibiza Records Shine Eye Gal - Dez Stingray Dub - DJ Gaw and Citrusfly Let's Go - Serum and Benny V Guernsey Airport Bubbler feat. MC GQ - Whiney 4 Da Ladies - Limited E Lost Love - Channel 2 Youthman feat. Emma and Blackout JA - Chopstick Dubplate Falling for Yooo - Think Tonk Eastern Roller - Kumarachi/RMS/Veak Envy - Bou Gone - Alcemist Sleeper Dub - Logistics Slewisham - Need for Mirrors Sweet (6Blocc's Jungle Remix) - 6Blocc Junglist Gal Dem - Slick Shotta And happening this weekend - Rave on The Canal 2.0 featuring Return of The Jaded. All Your Base Are Belong To Us info -
Invasion of the Gabber Robots (All Your Base Are Belong To Us)
Laziest Men On Mars - Invasion of the Gabber Robots (All Your Base Are Belong To Us)
Radio Spacja mix
Mz. Revolution - Radio Spacja Canadian New
w/Return of the Jaded
Return of the Jaded - T.H.E Podcasts Canadian
Tales of Loving War
Mimsey Demon - Fairy Tail Canadian
Phillogic - Retro Underground Canadian New
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Paradise Decay - All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Interactive CKCU
Chris Int’l
Sounds great. Into this.

2:18 AM, February 19th, 2021
Mimsey Demon (host)
Thanks! Here's some more from Mz. Revolution.

2:27 AM, February 19th, 2021