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Friday June 26th, 2020 with Mimsey Demon
DnB, psytrance, techno

Tonight! Mixes by Toshiro, Saxon, Tampered dna, and Upper Regions!
State Of The Union (STFU)
Public Enemy - State Of The Union (STFU) New
May dnb mix
Toshiro - May dnb mix Canadian New
Futurhythm - 2-7-2008
Saxon - Futurhythm - 2-7-2008 Canadian
The melting of Hoth
Tampered dna - The melting of Hoth Canadian New
Juno Reactor
Talamasca - A Brief History Of Goa-Trance
Low Noise and Spins & Needles Tracks
Upper Regions - Low Noise and Spins & Needles Tracks Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Jason Skilz
Mega thanks for playing the Low Noise Productions Mix / Selections by Upper Regions on your show! It is a nice support for the many artists on our Ottawa based label.

3:05 AM, June 27th, 2020
Jason Skilz
Tracklisting – Upper Regions Mix of Low Noise and Spins & Needles Tracks 1 Granja - Camouflage (Squid EP) Spins & Needles 2 Ethan Bliss - Acid 36 (Sean Kosa Remix) (Acid 36 EP) Spins & Needles 3 Eugenio Deeper - Here and Now - Spins & Needles 4 Ethan Bliss - Acid 36 (B.Jinx Remix) (Acid 36 EP) Spins & Needles 5 Upper Regions - Hypnosis (2018 ADE Compilation) Spins & Needles 6 Robert T - Cr02 (Night Waves EP) 7 Robert T - A1.3 (Tower Project EP) 8 Twin Peetz - City Lights (July Night mix) (Evolution EP) 9 Twin Peetz - Evolution (Evolution EP) 10 Razziki - Nitebox (Phunktokta Remix) (Vested Interest EP) 11 Razziki - Vested Interest (Vested Interest EP) 12 Transmit - New Signals (Never Understand EP) 13 Andre et Michel - Pulsing (KI Remix) (Reworks EP) 14 Andre et Michel - Bumbling (Bumle Bass Phaxis Deep Remix) (Reworks) 15 VC Vibes - Musical Architects (A Distant Call EP) 16 VC Vibes – A Distant Call Club Mix (A Distant Call EP) 17 Transmit - Never Understand (Intangerines Rmx) (Never Understand EP) 18 Simon Heartfield - Demon Core (One World Or None EP) 19 Sean Kosa - Seeing Stars (The Boxer EP)

3:15 AM, June 27th, 2020