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Friday June 7th, 2019 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Jungle, Bass, and Psytrance! Andy C, Noisia, Clone!

Tonight features mixes by Andy C and Noisia, who are playing at Ever After Festival, and Clone, who is playing at Altered State. Ever After Festival - Altered State - SOTO Fest III Dj Entity (UK) at Pour Boy AIM Preparty: Hoopalaï • Trevor Walker
Damage Control feat. Esoteric (prod. by Beatmason, cuts by Uncle Fes)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian
Blunts & Robots
The Crystal Method - Divided By Night
Busy Child (DJ Groove (RU) Remix)
The Crystal Method - DJ Groove (RU) Remixes
Breaking Hallelujah
Fresh Kils - Leave In Tact Instrumentals Canadian New
Brought My Bad
Fresh Kils - Leave In Tact Instrumentals Canadian New
Nightlife 6 Blue Mix
Andy C - Andy C Nightlife 6
Essential Mix 2010 03 13
Noisia - Essential
Particle Accelerator
Clone - Particle Accelerator Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Again your show is sounding wicked!! Quite the 'pick me up' in the early morning.

5:20 AM, June 7th, 2019