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Friday January 25th, 2019 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Psytrance, DnB and more! Guest DJs Son Rai and Sporadix in the studio!

Tonight! A pair of guest djs playing sets to prepare for the Crystal Ball party!
Mic Heckla (prod. by Fresh Kils w Uncle Fes)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian
Evil Nine - FabricLive 16 - Adam Freeland
Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels) [LOMIS Remix]
DJ Shadow - LOMIS Remixes
Computer Love
Marcus Visonary - Marcus Visonary Canadian
Johnny be good (Dardet Remix)
Chuck Berry - Johnny be good
Teddy Killerz - Hyperspeed
Zardonic & Playma - Vulgar Display of Bass
Crystal Ball preview set
Son Rai - Interzone Canadian New
Crystal Ball preview set
Sporadix - Interzone Canadian New
Rick and Morty
Rameses B - Rick and Morty
Masters of Puppets
Neptunya - Masters of Puppets New
Cyberpunk 2077 minimix
Hyper - Cyberpunk 2077
No Rest For The Wicked feat. Cade & Mahesh Vinayakram
Dub FX - Live In The Street
MacGuffin Device (Radio) (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian
Rental Patient (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian
The Mojo Radio Gang (Radio Edit)
Parov Stelar - The Art Of Sampling
The Seatbelts; Yoko Kanno - Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Cowboy Bebop
Interactive CKCU