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Friday November 2nd, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Much drum n bass! Hard Trance! Begging for money!

Tonight! Mixes by Mimsey Demon, Mister Mystic, Tamerax, and Kyljak vs I.D.E. Project! Come out to School of Bass on saturday night at 246 Queen Street for Interzone's funding drive party!
Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon
Used Crate Of Mind feat. Birdapres (prod. by Fresh Kils, cuts by Uncle Fes)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian New
Wrong Ralph Pulaski [Cobrapocalypse Pt. 1] (prod. by Timbuktu, cuts by DJ Irate)
Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS Canadian New
A Dog Named Snuggles
Jacknife Lee - Muy Rico!
MORE Cowbell!
DJ not-I - Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper
Doomsday Machine
Far Too Loud - Doomsday Machine
Alice In Chains vs. Gost
Aggro1 - Alice In Chains vs. Gost
Johnny be good (Dardet Remix)
Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry
Professional Ganja Smoker (Serial Killaz Mix)
General Levy - Welcome To The Jungle, Vol 2: The Ultimate Jungle Cakes Drum & Bass Compilation
Halloween (Mothership Loudspeakerz RMX)
John Carpenter - Halloween New
Pulsing (KI Remix)
André et Michèle - Reworks Canadian New
School of Bass May 2018
Mimsey Demon - School of Bass Canadian
All Hallows to the Gallows
Mister Mystic - All Hallows to the Gallows Canadian New
Lightyearz Productions Radio Mix
Tamerax - Lightyearz Productions Radio Mix Canadian
School of Bass Sessions
KyLjaK vs I.D.E Projekt - School of Bass Canadian
Interactive CKCU