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Friday August 31st, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Some DnB, nerdcore hip hop, psytrance, and techno!

Tonight starts with assorted drum n bass remixes and some hip hop featuring Canadian artists Wordburglar and Sese, and then DJ mixes by Mimsey Demon, Ecto Gammit, Supersonic, and NQO!
Johnny be good (Dardet Remix)
Chuck Berry - Johnny be good
It Was A Good Day [Link & Miss Guided Booty remix]
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
Black Steel Remix
DJ Phroh vs Public Enemy - DJ Phroh Dubplates
Know Your Enemy (ft-Illusionull-VoLuminous-Nyrus+Drop.Kick.Pop)
ill.GATESxRATM - Know Your Enemy Canadian New
Alice In Chains vs. Gost
Aggro1 - Alice In Chains vs. Gost
Vegeta (Prod by Ceaza Leon)
Sese - The Frieza Saga Canadian
Perfect Cell
Sese - The Cell Saga Canadian
Call Destro (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - WELCOME TO COBRA ISLAND Canadian
Rhyme O'Clock (Galactic Scoundrels Remix)
Wordburglar feat. More or Les (cuts by DJ Uncle Fes) - Rhyme O'Clock Canadian
Rick and Morty
Rameses B - Rick and Morty
Somewhere (Instrumental)
The Problemaddicts - The Dark Side Of Oz Instrumentals
Natura Festival 2013
Mimsey Demon - Natura Canadian
The wake up call
Ecto Gammit - The wake up call Canadian
2013 Demo
Supersonic - 2013 Demo Canadian
live at alweezgrooven 2017
NQO - alweezgrooven Canadian
Interactive CKCU