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Friday August 17th, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Psytrance and techno filler show

Mimsey is off this week but that doesn't mean you'll be without some good tunes. Enjoy a recording of Mimsey's set from the Fairy Tale party from a couple of years ago and some Jason Skilz techno mixes. Also for this weekend's events, be sure to look up the Altered Forest festival, the Triple 7 Art Space fundraiser party starting at noon on Saturday and featuring DJs, musicians, food, workshops and vendors, happening at 75 Rue Saint Rédempteur in Gatineau, Retro Goth and Industrial night at Swizzles 246 Queen Street, and Not Normal electronic and experimental night on Thursday at Black Squirrel Books!
Tales of Loving War
MImsey Demon - Fairy Tail Canadian
Transmit Mix July 1 2018
Jason Skilz Transmit - Lost in Bass Canadian New
Stay House Mix Feb 2017
Jason Skilz Transmit - Transmit Canadian
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