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Friday August 3rd, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight, industrial, drum n bass, and techno to get ready for this weekend's Aptly Named Summer Festival!

Tonight, assorted industrial-ish tunes for the first hour, followed by techno mixes by Doc Savage and Jason Skilz, both of whom are part of the massive lineup of this weekend's Aptly Named Summer Festival! And to finish things off a drum n bass mix by Fiver who is playing at School of Chill on Saturday night!
Lords Of Salem (Das Kapital Remix)
Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head
Frantic (Unkle remix)
Metallica - The unnamed feeling
The Best It's Gonna Get vs Tainted
Celldweller - The Complete Cellout Vol. 1
Killing Ground (Greg Reely mix)
Front Line Assembly - Echoes (Deluxe) Canadian
Riot Gear (Jackson Days Mashup)
Tristan Garner vs. Rage Against The Machine - Jackson Days - Lock & Load Summer Mixtape
NIN vs Kelle
Aggro1 - NIN vs. Kelle
2501 (Ghost in The Shell)
ill.GATES - 2501 (Ghost in The Shell) Canadian New
Acid Orgy (feat. Sonya Scarlet)
Alien Vampires - Clubbers Die Younger EP
Mangadrive - Refactor
Mangadrive - Artifice
Bleepity Boop
Doc Savage - Bleepity Boop Canadian
July 1st 2018 mix
Jason Skilz Transmit - Lost In Bass Canadian New
Warren Session
Fiver - Warren Session Canadian New
MacGuffin Device (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - If It Rhymes It's Real Canadian
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