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Friday June 29th, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Heavy sounds tonight with special guest DJ Unabomber/Fear The Priest in the studio! A tribute to the late great Bansi of Growling Mad Scientists!

Tonight! Unabomber is in the studio to talk about some upcoming events and to play a new hard multigenre mix! A mix by Bansi of Growling Mad Scientists in tribute to his recent passing, go here for more information about him and to hear some great examples of his work ! And finally (most of) a techno mix by local dj and producer Transmit!
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
Ren & Stimpy - You Eediot! Canadian
MacGuffin Device (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - If It Rhymes It's Real Canadian
beam down for what
Swamp Thing - Outer Limits Canadian
Frail Limb Purity - Rowdy Canadian
Align. Get In Line. Stay Alive
iVardensphere - Hesitation Canadian
War On Error (Ivardensphere Remix)
Rotersand - Waiting To Be Born Canadian
NIN vs. Kelle
Aggro1 - NIN vs. Kelle
Interzone Canada Weekend Mix
DJ Unabomber - Interzone Canada Weekend Mix Canadian New
RETRO GMS 1st edition
Bansi GMS - Growling Mad Scientists
Transmit DJ Mix Vol 7
Jason Skilz Transmit - Transmit DJ Mix Vol 7 Canadian
Interactive CKCU