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Friday May 11th, 2018 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Tunes to prepare for Comiccon this weekend! A special mystery guest! Mimsey's set from last weekend's School of Bass!

Tonight! Assorted hip hop and nerdcore! House and jungle-tech! Breaks and DnB!
Radio Free Mars Talk 1
Cowboy Bebop - Music For Freelance
Tank! (Luke Vibert Remix)
The Seat Belts - Music For Freelance
MacGuffin Device (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - If It Rhymes It's Real Canadian New
Call Destro (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - WELCOME TO COBRA ISLAND Canadian
Angels & Monsters (feat. Ghettosocks and The Wordburglar)
More Or Les - Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveller's Mixtape Canadian
Space Marines Ft. Megaran
The Extremities & Ghettosocks - Instruments Canadian
Gold Cartridge To Purple Tape
Flight Distance - High Priests of Low-Life Canadian
Those Minerals
Kabuto the Python and B.C. - The N7 EP
Terminus Blues
Kabuto the Python and B.C. - The N7 EP
For The Horde
Phill Harmonix - WuCraft
Phill Harmonix - WuCraft
Cut & Run - Crisp Biscuit
Hazy Mazy Cave
Logic Bomb - Reefer Madness
Vampire Killer
Tamerax - Vampire Killer Canadian
K Vision (Mothership RMX)
Mothership Loudspeakerz - UNREAL
Cosmic Truth
ArtSense - Cosmic Truth
Noj Nor - DISMANTLED Canadian New
Special Guest DJ
Panzer Rossa - Interzone Canadian New
May 2018 live mix
Mimsey Demon - School of Bass Canadian New
This Is 4 The Floor Jungle Tech
Deedot - This Is 4 The Floor Jungle Tech Canadian New
Interactive CKCU