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Friday October 13th, 2017 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! Breaks, psytrance, house and more! Special guest DJ NQO live in the studio!

Tonight! A brief disco/house mix by DJ del Pilar, a few mashups, half of Mimsey Demon's School of Bass set from last Saturday, NQO live in the studio with some halloween themed tunes, and a psy mix by DJ Psyllium!
Easy Star All-Stars - Thrillah
Atom Wild Thing (Extended Version)
DJ Schmolli - n/a
Stayin Alive In The Wall
Wax Audio - Mashopolos
I Got Soul (Smalltown Djs Remix)
Hai Karate Soul - Vol 3 Canadian
Turn Me On (Stickybuds remix)
Dj Wood - n/a Canadian
Terminus Blues
Kabuto the Python and B.C. - The N7 EP
Homo Phone 3
DJ del Pilar - Homo Phone 3 Canadian New
Cyborgs on the Moon ft. Escrol and Whitney Delion
Flight Distance - High Priests of Low-Life Canadian
psy breaks jungle hop
Mimsey Demon - School of Bass Canadian New
A Spooky Themed Preview
NQO - Aptly Named Saturday Night Canadian New
Gathering Space 2016
DJ Psyllium - Gathering Space 2016 Canadian
Interactive CKCU