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Friday May 5th, 2017 with MImsey Demon
DJ SSP live in the studio! A Scartat mix! Some nerdcore to get ready for Comiccon!

DJ SSP live in the studio! A Scartat mix for this weekend's School of Bass! Some nerdcore to get ready for Comiccon!
The Dark Side's Comin'
Voicedude - Rock Wars - Episode 1
Bonus Level
Dirtyphonics - Dirtyphonics
Get Off My Lawn
Antigen Shift - Brotherhood Canadian
Call Destro (prod. by Beatmason)
Wordburglar - WELCOME TO COBRA ISLAND Canadian
All The Things
Dual Core - Watch Dogs 2
Space Marines Ft. Megaran
The Extremities & Ghettosocks - Instruments
Warp Formula feat. Chokeules, Mega Ran, More or Les, Savilion, Sy-Fi, Timbuktu & Ultra Magnus (prod. by Beatmason, cuts by DJ Irate)
Wordburglar - RAPPLICABLE SKILLS Canadian
Gold Cartridge To Purple Tape
Flight Distance - High Priests of Low-Life Canadian
Mothership Mixtape #15
Mothership Loudspeakerz - Mothership Mixtapes New
Funk You Mix
DJ SSP - DJ SSP Canadian New
Why Not Do A Mix
Dj Rob Scartat - Why Not Do A Mix Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Hello Mimsi Demon. This is Bradley from U.S.A., who listened to your old show which featured goth and industrial on CHUO FM. I just bought this iPad and now you are beaming into my new location in central NY. I can't recall the name of your old show, but it was impressive. Was it "Morningstar"? Good to hear your stuff again.

3:59 AM, May 5th, 2017
Bradley, here, again. I am new to computer stuff so when I tried earlier to replay your Interzone shows on demand, I had no luck. I pushed "subscribe to interzone" but that did not seem to make it go. Damn.

4:14 AM, May 5th, 2017
Mimsey Demon (host)
Morningstar was the show before my old old, but close. :) Old show back then was Systeme B. And try again using Listen Now above the playlist for the podcast

4:24 PM, May 5th, 2017
Bradley from U.S.A.
Thank you Mimsey Demon . Got it going now.Carry on, and best wishes.

12:34 AM, May 6th, 2017