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Friday September 16th, 2016 with Mimsey Demon
Tonight! World of Warcraft Wu-Tang! A pair of funk sets from Shambhala Festival! exT's set from last week's School of Bass! DJ SSP Psytrance mix!

Tonight! Phil Harmonix & Mega Ran WuCraft mixtape! Shambhala set recordings of The Funk Hunters and Defunk! exT's drum 'n bass set from last week's School of Bass event! And a psytrance mix by DJ SSP to finish off the morning! Note - due to equipment difficulty the show started about 15 minutes late this week. If listening to it On Demand skip forward 10-15 mins.
KMFDM - Metropolis Records 2016 New
Phill Harmonix & Mega Ran - WuCraft New
Son of the Bong (Mr.G remix)
Dusty Springfield - Soul Sisters Remixed - Speakeasy vol.5 by Don Mescal New
Dictation (DJ K Remix)
Gang Related & Mask - DJ K 2013/14 DUBS Canadian
The Funk Hunters - Shambhala 2016 Canadian New
Live at School of Bass - Sept 3, 2016
exT - School of Bass Canadian New
Shambhala 2016 Mix
DeFunk - Shambhala 2016 Canadian New
Psytrance Mix
DJ SSP - Psytrance Mix Canadian
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