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Friday July 1st, 2016 with Mimsey Demon
Yaksmen Day! Sporadix and Son Rai live psy mixes! Saxon Funk! Tampered DNA psytrance mix! Canuck hip hop!

Tonight! Happy Kilted Yaksmen Day! Some Canadian hip hop! Psytrance DJs Son Rai and Sporadix live in the studio with a pair of sets! Funk from Saxon! And more psytrance with a Tampered DNA mix!
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
Ren & Stimpy - You Eediot! Canadian
The Guest List (feat. Shael Riley, Schaffer the Darklord, Adam WarRock, Int80, MC Frontalot, Beefy, Scrub Club, Random, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, and more)
Kabuto the Python - The Almighty Canadian
Hurtin' (feat. Chokeules, Timbuktu, Wordburglar, & Jesse Dangerously)
Ghettosocks - We're Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys. (Mixtape) Canadian
Space Marines Ft. Megaran
The Extremities & Ghettosocks - Instruments Canadian
Black Ball Featuring Tykus & Worburglar
Noah23 - Rock Paper Scissors Canadian
Live Radio ProgPsy mix
Son Rai - Yaksmen Day Canadian New
Live Radio Full On Psy Mix
Sporadix - Yaksmen Day Canadian New
Alice In Boogie Wonderland [MadMixMustang]
Earth, Wind & Fire vs. Alice Cooper - Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 46
Whole Lotta Drop
The Funk Hunters & Skiitour - Fully Loaded Vol 4 Canadian
The Ritz
the funk hunters vs livingstone & canosis - n/a Canadian
Pharma Sutra (Jacky Murda Remix)
Ill.Gates - The Ill.Methodology Remixed V2 Canadian
Electric Pow Wow Mini Mix
A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Canadian
Funk in Public
Saxon - Canadian
2cellos - Celloverse (Japan Version)
Voodoo People
2cellos - In2ition
Tampered dna - solidarity Canadian New
Interactive CKCU