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Friday September 4th, 2015 with Mimsey Demon
Pump up the volume with Canadian hip hop, dj mixes from SSP, Kyljak, and Tampered DNA.

So due to the fire alarm going off I had to leave the station early, and unfortunately had to cut SSP's set short but it shall be replayed next week. I also had to leave before having a chance to do this week's event listings. You can find details on this week's interesting events on the show's Facebook page, Radio Interzone. There may be some inaccuracies in the playlist order as I have to enter it at home from memory of what I played.
Everybody Magicaly Knows
DJ Tripp - n/a
Sin City Remix ft. Evil Ebenezer & Snak the Ripper [prod. by Stuey Kubrick]
Angervile - Sin City Remix [DJ Pack] - Hand'Solo Records Canadian
Wookie Boots
Toolshed - Beauty + Poison Canadian
Seasons (Dirty Sample remix)
Red Ants - DJ Pack - Joshua's Dreamixes - Seasons Canadian
Backburner - Heatwave DJ Pack Canadian
Wordburglar (Jesse D Remix)
Wordburglar - Wordburglar - Wordburglar - DJ Pack - - Hand'Solo Records
Mcs Just Want to Celebrate
Fissunix - n/a
The Prodigy v Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Up
Pony Sixfinger - n/a
Straight Outta Gotham
V.W.A. - Straight Outta Gotham New
Electro Swing
DJ SSP - n/a Canadian New
School of Bass Sessions
KyLjaK vs I.D.E Projekt - n/a Canadian New
Springs Break
Rob Saxon - Canadian
spinning naked to be more areodynamic
Tampered DNA - n/a Canadian New
Interactive CKCU