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Friday August 21st, 2015 with Mimsey Demon

Tonight! Batty Von Bats DJ mix in preperation for Squid Lid at Ritual tomorrow night! DJ SSP's Electro Dubstep Mix, the recording of Mimsey Demon's retro set at Swizzles last Saturday, and some of a new mix by Jas Nasty!
Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim's Malpaso Mix)
Piere Henry, Michel Colombier - Futurama Soundtrack
SL Promo
Batty von Bats - n/a Canadian New
Electro Dubstep Mix
DJ SSP - n/a Canadian New
Swizzles Retro Part 2
Mimsey Demon - n/a Canadian New
These Dangerous Machines
Jas Nasty - n/a Canadian New
Interactive CKCU

12:29 PM, August 21st, 2015