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National Hum
Tuesday February 14th, 2017 with Mitch Jackson
There's a Man Dressed as a Minion in the University Centre, Help Us God

The Killing of America
Uniform - Wake in Fright - Sacred Bones Records New
The Pressure Keeps Me Alive
Kowloon Walled City - Container Ships
New Orleans is a Hole
Thou - Algiers
The Body - No One Deserves Happiness
Strange Dreams
Alex Calder - Strange Dreams Canadian
Dunes - Bedtime Canadian
Hair in Your Eyes (Swamp)
SPELL - - Canadian
PONY - DIY 7" - Buzz Records Canadian New
Silver Velvet
The Courtneys - II - Flying Nun Records Canadian New
Then You're Gone
Century Palm - Meet You - Deranged Records Canadian New
High Strung on Zen
Fountain - Fountain 2 Canadian
The End
The Avulsions - S/T Canadian
Wrapping Up
Homeshake - Fresh Air - Sinderlyn Canadian New
The Voyage Out
Marie Davidson - - Canadian
Interactive CKCU