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National Hum
Tuesday January 24th, 2017 with Mitch K. Jackson
Disinfecting Wipes (25% More Wipes)

Born in Zoo
Paul Jacobs - Pictures, Movies & Apartments Canadian
Back to your Future
Lab Coast - Remember the Moon - Wyatt Records Canadian
My Boyfriend Went To New York And He Didn't Invite Me
Milk Toast - Your Band Sucks & Punk's Dead - Pee Blood Records Canadian
Re: Lease Life (Place to Go)
Monomyth - Happy Pop Family Canadian
Every Single Thing
Homeshake - Fresh Air - Sinderlyn Canadian New
ABRA - - New
Swallow Falls
Baltic Fleet - The Dear One - Blow Up Records
Beyond Sight
Ital Tek - Beyond Sight
The Shell
Hounds - Our Love
Centaure (Shapednoise Remix)
Franck Vigroux - -
Salt Carousel
Evian Christ - Waterfall
Above Us
Insiden - Above Us
Interactive CKCU