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National Hum
Tuesday October 25th, 2016 with Joe Ryan & Adella
CKCU would like some money now please

No Cause For Alarm
Blonde Elvis - On Vanity Canadian
Kurt Inder - Cool Sad Natural - Fan Club Records Canadian New
walk in like you belong
Mixer - Songs - Casual Hex Canadian
Do U wanna
BB Cream - BB Cream - Casual Hex Canadian
Mary Lou Wanna-Sniff Some Glue
Pale Lips - Wanna Be Bad - Hosehead Canadian New
Old Crowns
WTCHS - She Walks, She Creeps - Sonic Unyon Canadian New
It's A Condo Now
Slow Tom & The Handsome Devils - Down In A Government Town Canadian New
No More Getting High
Harley Alexander - Harland Canadian
Human Trash
Toxic Thoughts - Toxic Thoughts Canadian
Everybody Else
Germaphobes - Fiji Whizz Canadian
Call My Name
Ricky Eat Acid - Talk To You Soon
Interactive CKCU