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National Hum
Tuesday July 12th, 2016 with Joe Ryan
Best CanCon of the year (so far)

Render Unto Caesar
WLMRT - Fuck Me I'm Joking Ep Canadian
You're Standing On My Neck
Crossed Wires - Creep Wave/Crossed Wires Split Canadian
Wait It Out
Solids - Else Canadian
Dirty Rain
Altameda - - Canadian
What Are You Doing On My Beach?
You Take The Bus When You're Dead - Remember What it Represents, or What it Represented Canadian
House Party
La Luna - Always Already Canadian
The C.H.U.D.S. - S/T Canadian
Dumb - - Canadian
Fur Skin Coat
Walrus - Goodbye Something Canadian
Telecomo - Promo EP Canadian
Blue Smoke
Ex-Terrestrial - - - 1080p Canadian
Spek Won - #BLACKLIVESMATTER - TORONTO BLACK CITY MIXTAPE : A Love Letter In Song To Black Community Canadian
Phèdre - - Canadian
You Idiots Talked Me Into This
Old & Weird - O It's You​.​.​.​Through The Door​.​.​.​Coolness of One​.​.​.​Square Shape of Another's Canadian
Hooded Fang - Venus On Edge Canadian