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National Hum
Tuesday February 23rd, 2016 with Mitch Jackson & Joe Ryan
come 2 the khole!!!!!!!!!

Dark Arts
Baby Cages - INDELICATE Canadian
All Encompassing Love
Speciall Costello - MOOD RING - Debaser Comp Canadian
Little Forks
Snooker Emporium - S/T Canadian
Denton, TX
Elsa - Demo Canadian
Heron's Wake - Phantom Canadian
Shyy - EP Canadian
Das Kill
Deathsticks - Demosticks Canadian
Blank Stare
Solids - Else - Dine Alone Records Canadian New
Pop. 1280 - Paradise - Sacred Bones Records
Eyeballs - Bad Art Canadian New
Ruth Grader - Roads Canadian
Imperialistic Dementia
Private Investigators - Disturbing the Void - Deep Sea Mining Syndicate Canadian New