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National Hum
Tuesday November 10th, 2015 with Mitch Jackson & Joe Ryan
Purple Glaze

OAF - s/t - Deranged Records Canadian
Orange Water
Pretty Boys - 2 demo trax​-​4​-​tour​/​off future 7" GRUBS Canadian
TV Freaks - Leeches - Hosehead Records Canadian
courtesy oppression
TV Freaks - bad luck charms - Deranged Records Canadian
pick my brain
TV Freaks - bad luck charms - Deranged Records Canadian
TV Freaks - - - Schizophrenic Records Canadian
Siamese Dreams
Soupcans - Soft Party - Telephone Explosion Canadian
BAd ACid
PMMA - Serotonin Syndrome - Imminent Destruction Canadian
EMPTY HEADS - Empty Heads Canadian
Mini Mag
Mick Futures - - - Telephone Explosion Canadian
yr scary now
chastity - demo - Hand Drawn Dracula Canadian
Solids - Blame Confusion - Dine Alone Records Canadian
When Darkness Falls
the band whose name is a symbol - Masters of the Molehill Canadian
help forgetting
cabaal - atavistic - HYPERPRON Canadian
Crushfield - Resonance Cascade - New Kanada Recordings Canadian
New Belief
TIO - EP Canadian