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National Hum
Tuesday August 4th, 2015 with Mitch Jackson
Reptilians Have Infiltrated the Server

Hail to the Taxman
the Famines - Too Cool & Other Songs - Pentagon Black Canadian
The Edge of Boredom
Life in Vacuum - 5 - New Damage Canadian
Black Snow
Life in Vacuum - EP - New Damage Canadian
reality; just not my strong suit
We Fled Cairo - S/T Canadian
Bad Poise for Life
Open Letters - 10-23 - Kingfisher Bluez Canadian
Driving Blind
Baby Eagle - No Blues - You've Changed Records Canadian
Richard Laviolette - Aging Recycling Plant Canadian
Two Hinges
Richard Laviolette - All of Your Raw Materials - You've Changed Canadian
Strange Faces
Daniel Romano - If I've Only One Time Askin' - New West Canadian
I'm a Stranger
First Base - S/T Canadian
Good Drugs
Brat Kings - Good Drugs Canadian
All Good Seeds
Beef Boys - Ep Canadian
Stay for the Weekend
Weed Mom - Gay Mom Split Canadian
New Fries - - Canadian
Future is Now
Electric Princess - - Canadian
Teen Daze - Morning World Canadian