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National Hum
Tuesday July 21st, 2015 with Mitch Jackson
some music

Stay for the Weekend
Weed Mom - Gay Mom Split - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Over Kilmer
WTCHS - It's Not A Cross, It's A Curse! - Sonic Unyon Canadian
Nancy Pants - Total Nancy Pants Canadian
King of Kruezberg
Shotgun Jimmie - Transistor Sister - You've Changed Canadian
Street Surfin'
Best Fiends - Best Fiends - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Angel of Death
Babysitter - EYE - Psychic Handshake Canadian
Yes, My Love
Shearing Pinx - People - Psychic Handshake Canadian
Decay to Purity
sombre - Flora And Fauna, Feast Upon My Flesh Canadian
destroy everything you love
La Luna - la luna Canadian
Give it to Me
HOMESHAKE - Midnight Snack - Sinderlyn Records Canadian
Melt in your Home
Freak Heat Waves - Bonnie's State of Mind Canadian
BABY CAGES - - Canadian
Total Submersion
ST/\KR - - - - Canadian
Cabaal - Failed States Canadian
Kickflip 50-50
Riohv - Moondance - 1080p Records Canadian
Princess of Cups
RAMZi - Houti Kush - 1080p Records Canadian
ladyfrnd - - Canadian