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National Hum
Tuesday October 21st, 2014 with Mitch Jackson
Fresh New Noisey Canadiana

Continental Shelf
Viet Cong - Viet Cong Canadian
Then You'll Know
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money Canadian
Weaves - - Canadian
Acid Peel
HSY - - Canadian
Bad Company
the beverleys - EP Canadian
SLATES - Taiga Canadian
The Edge of Boredom
Life in Vacuum - 5 Canadian
Single Mothers - Negative Qualities Canadian
Inner Demons
Spaz Out - Spaz Out x Lifespent 2014 b Canadian
Taxidermized Bear Claw
I Smell Blood - MANFACE Canadian
Coke Party
Baby Labour - Split 7" Canadian
Hot Rods at the Loser Convention
Teenanger - E P L P Canadian
Apollo Umpteenth
Moondestroyer - Moondestroyer Canadian
Gangly Dancer
Legato Vipers - LV Canadian
Noni Wo - USP EP Canadian
She Can't Leave Me Here Alone Tonight
HOMESHAKE - In the Shower Canadian
Master Ludi
Walter TV - Appetite Canadian
Red Hair, Blond Hair
Robots!Everywhere!! - Robots!Everywhere! Canadian
My Heart is A Blinking Nintendo
B.A. Johnston - My Heart is A Blinking Nintendo Canadian
Have Fun at Warped Tour
B.A. Johnston - My Heart is A Blinking Nintendo Canadian