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Bizarre Bazaar
Thursday January 13th, 2022 with DJ Out-Regis
Just a bunch of killer guitar jams. Nothing more and nothing less

Several times a year I like to dedicate episodes to riff driven jams. Tonight’s episode is one of those. Enjoy !
The 613s - Single release - Independent 2013 Canadian
You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
Budgie - Never turn your back on a friend - Mercury records 1973
White heat, red hot
Judas Priest - Stained Class - CBS 1978
Genocide (The Killing Of The Buffalo)
Thin Lizzy - Chinatown - Vertigo records 1980
Iron Maiden - The number of the beast - EMI records 1982
Iron man - Black Knight - Hellhound records 1993
Sweet Leaf
Black sabbath - Master of reality - Vertigo records 1971
Bring It On Home
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II - Atlantic records 1969
Walkin' The Dog
Aerosmith - Aerosmith - Columbia records 1973
Gettin' High
Masters of reality - Masters Of Reality - Def American records 1988
Sugar N' Spice
The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass - Svart records 2014
Miss Casey
Bull Angus - Bull Angus - Mercury records 1971
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
Blue Öyster Cult - Blue Öyster Cult - Columbia records 1972
Iron Claw - Iron Claw - Vintage Rockadrome
Incredible Hog - X - Rise above relics
A passage to Bangkok
Rush - 2112 - Mercury records 1976
Quiet Babies Astray In A Manger
Danava - Danava - Kemado records 2004
Mean streets
Van Halen - Fair warning - Warner bros records 1981
Strange ways
KISS - Hotter Than Hell - Casablanca records 1974
Interactive CKCU
Ian C.
I heard the best nirvana cover ever. Fuck thus station fir not keeping timely info!. Love ckcu love you guys

7:04 PM, January 13th, 2022
Régis (host)
Thanks for tuning in Ian !

7:11 PM, January 13th, 2022
great riffs & sum killer drum'nnn... the beat goes on with The Mighty! merci!

7:46 PM, January 13th, 2022
Régis (host)
Glad you’re enjoying hillbilly ! Thanks for tuning and sharing : )

7:55 PM, January 13th, 2022
Heavy Ben

7:58 PM, January 13th, 2022
Régis (host)
Indeed Heavy Ben ! Thanks for listening

8:01 PM, January 13th, 2022