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Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar
Thursday June 18th, 2020 with Lefty!
Tune in for 90 minutes of "punk"!

Tune in for 90 minutes of "punk"!
Mutoid Man - Helium Head
Right On, Frankenstein
Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World Canadian
CK Killer
Amen - We Have Come For Your Parents
Never Wake Up
Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler Canadian
24h Hell
The Hellacopters - Supershitty To The Max!
Snake Eyes
Nashville Pussy - Let Them Eat Pussy
I Don't Want To Know
The Strypes - Snapshot
Palm Tree Sway
Billie Dre & The Poor Boys - Garlic Fingers Canadian
Jesus Died So We Could Ride
The Hip Priests - Black Denim Blitz
New Orleans Is Sinking
Pezz - Watoosh! Canadian
Introduce The Metric System In Time
The Hives - Veni, Vidi, Vicious
Terminal Horse
Indian Handcrafts - Civil Disobedience For Losers Canadian
She's Getting Sick of Me
Nobodys - Hopelessly Devoted To You
Painted Parade
Red Fang - Murder The Mountains
Cucaracha In Leather
The Brains - The Monster Within Canadian
Ignite - Punk Bites
Supersuckers - Motherfuckers Be Trippin
Black Hole
Cross Dog - s/t Canadian
Ketchup Soup
Teen Idols - Short Music for Short People
Heavy Metal Shuffle
Gob - FUBAR The Album Canadian
Dark Days
Doghouse Rose - Single Canadian
Refused - This Just Might Be The Truth
Kicked In The Teeth
Zeke - Kicked In The Teeth
You Lose, I Win
Speedealer - Burned Alive
Corrosion of Conformity - s/t
Dancing Through Sunday
A.F.I. - Sing The Sorrow
Middle Finger Response
Propaghandi - How To Clean Everything Canadian
Ready... Aim... Cheese!
Hot Snake Handlers - The Ongoing Adventures of Hot Snake Handlers Canadian
Got The Numbers
Anti-Flag - A New Kind of Army
Smash It Up
Punchbuggy - I've Never Been To Ottawa Canadian
Distilla Truant
The Distillers - s/t
Something's Gonna Die Tonight
Hardcore Logo - Single Canadian
Sounds Good To Me
The Pimps - To A Cool Person, Stay That Way!
Raum Der Zeit
Wizo - Survival of the Fattest
Blue Eye Commotion
Black Pistol Fire - Hush or Howl Canadian
Keep Dreaming
The Creepshow - They All Fall Down Canadian
Second Skin
The Gits - Frenching The Bully
Wayfaring Stranger
The Schomberg - Gospel Canadian
No Holds Barred
Valient Thorr - Immortalizer
My Sweet Dog
Hi-Standard - Angry Fist
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