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Bizarre Bazaar
Thursday October 8th, 2015 with Regis
Interview with Annick Giroux, founder of Wings of Metal festival and author of hellbent for cooking !

The 613s - Single release - Independent Canadian
JA CAESAR - Kokkyou Junreika - Phoenix records ASHLP3042
Fields of regret
Alice Cooper - Pretties for you - Warner Bros records WS 1840 stereo
Ruby Spears
Plastic crimewave - Moonrises - Galactic archive
Hotter than ten hundred suns
Hawkeyes - Brothers of the nod - Pre-rock records PRR003 Canadian New
The Dead C - Clyma est mort - Proletariat idiots productshun (zzzz) F.W.-001
Cauchemar - Tenebrario - Independent Canadian
Dissident Agressor
Judas Priest - Sin after sin - CBS records
Edge of the knife
Metalian - Single release - Independent Canadian
Son and daughter
Queen - Queen - Elecktra records EKS-75064 stereo
Hand of doom
Orange Goblin - Single release - Man's ruin records
Sleep - Sleep's holy mountain - Kreator records
Interanational bass station
Low Orbit - Low Orbit - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
thanks for the kind words and support \m/ LOW ORBIT

8:27 PM, October 8th, 2015