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Bizarre Bazaar
Thursday June 12th, 2014 with Regis

As promised, drawn from my own collection, here's a killer sample of vintage proto-metal: Heavy riffs, loud and distorted, groovy thumping bass lines and pounding and intricate drum rolls.
Come and get it
Blue Cheer - Outsideinside - Phillips
Master headache
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdome come - Universal enterprise
Too much
Magic Ship - Magic Ship - Guerssen records
Lone soul road
St-Anthony's Fyre - St-Anthony's Fyre - Zonk records
Medusa - First step beyond - Numero group
Dust - Hard attack - Kamasutra
Future Song
Bang - Death of a country - Rise above relics
Blood runs deep
Steel Mill - Jewels of the forest - Rise above relics
Mesmerizing eclipse
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond - Purple Pyramid records
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock - Akarma records
To the sea
Incredible Hog - Volume one - Rise above relics
Feeling good
Josefus - Dead man - Klimt records
Pavement artist
Iron claw - Iron claw - Rockadrome records
Smoking the day away
May Blitz - May Blitz - Paramount records
Winter-Deep Freeze-Winter retreat
Judas Priest - Rocka-Rolla - Import records