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Electronic Meditation
Thursday April 26th, 2018 with Sean McFee
Vangelis - later

Tonight music from Vangelis in the 1980s and 1990s
Vangelis - Chariots of Fire - Polydor
Main Titles
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack is probably his most highly regarded work. Although the movie came out in 1982, the soundtrack was not released until 1994, and there have been several "definitive super deluxe" versions since, some official and some unofficial, that flesh things out to as many as 5 CDs. Vangelis' CS80 mastery and some of the reverb effects on this album are emulated to this day.
Blade Runner Blues
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Memories of Green
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Tales of the Future
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Damask Rose
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Blade Runner (End Titles)
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
Although many of Vangelis' most successful albums in the 80s and 90s were soundtracks, he also continued his work as an idiosyncratic modern composer exploring what could be created with synthesizers. "Soil Festivities" and "Mask" are two works from the mid-80s that work in this territory, too avant-garde for some New Age fans, and too New Age for some avant-garde fans, but quite enjoyable when taken on its own merits.
Movement 4
Vangelis - Soil Festivities - Polydor
Movement 5
Vangelis - Mask - Polydor
Breaking the strict chronological order, as Antarctica (1983) actually slightly precedes Soil Festivities and Mask, but I wanted to group it together with 1492: Conquest of Paradise, as both are soundtrack albums. Although less known than some of the other soundtrack work, there is some very good melodic material here.
Theme from Antarctica
Vangelis - Antarctica - Polydor
Life of Antarctica
Vangelis - Antarctica - Polydor
Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)
Vangelis - 1492: Conquest of Paradise - EastWest
Two interesting albums from the 90s, Voices is exactly what its title suggests, opportunities to pair Vangelis' compositions with vocal performances. This was hardly new to his music, as he had collaborated with Jon Anderson of Yes on several occasions, and choral and vocal tracks have appeared on his other albums, but on Voices there are some novel and beautiful pieces. El Greco is a more austere and foreboding classical-inspired album, deep and powerful.
Come To Me
Vangelis - Voices - EastWest
Vangelis - Voices - EastWest
Ask the Mountains
Vangelis - Voices - EastWest
Movement 1
Vangelis - El Greco - EastWest
We end with a good ender. Good night!
Tears in Rain
Vangelis - Blade Runner - EastWest
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