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Electronic Meditation
Thursday March 15th, 2018 with Sean McFee
Michael Hoenig

Tonight's show features the music of Michael Hoenig (b. 1952). Who dat? Well, he was the keyboardist in Agitation Free, a great German band from the early 70s who mixed together cosmic meditation and almost Grateful Dead style psychedelic jamming. After Agitation Free broke up, he briefly joined Tangerine Dream in 1975 while Peter Baumann was away from the group, and toured about with them. He then collaborated with Manuel Göttsching (see two shows ago) on an album called Early Water, which was not released until the 90s. It is a seminal piece of 70s electronic music. 1978 saw the release of the Berlin school masterpiece Departure from the Northern Wasteland. He has been less prolific since the 1980s, but in addition to some solo work he has branched into soundtrack work for video games and TV. His soundtrack for Baldurs Gate is prized by nostalgic gamers, who often had no idea he had a previous life in head music.
You Play For Us Today
Agitation Free - Malesch - Spalax
Laila Part 2
Agitation Free - Second - Spalax
Agitation Free - Last - Made in Germany
Royal Albert Hall, 2nd April 1975, Part Three
Tangerine Dream - The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 - Reactive
Early Water
Hoenig / Göttsching - Early Water - Spalax
Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland - Celestial Harmonies
Michael Hoenig - Soundtrack from Baldurs Gate
Interactive CKCU
Mike P.
cool and thanks Sean!

12:45 AM, March 15th, 2018
Sean McFee (host)
Always a pleasure!

1:28 AM, March 15th, 2018
This show is awesome.

11:28 AM, April 12th, 2018