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Electronic Meditation
Thursday December 28th, 2017 with Sean McFee
Santa Klaus

Music by Klaus Schulze to celebrate the holiday season
Cyborgs Traum was recorded in 1972 and features organ, drums, and undefined electronics.
Cyborgs Traum
Klaus Schulze - The Ultimate Edition - Manikin
Zeichen meines Lebens is believed to date from October of 1975. This is shortly after his session with Gunter Schickert and is likely from the tour where Schickert was his tech. It takes place between Timewind and Moondawn, and I would compare it a bit more to the former.
Zeichen meines Lebens
Klaus Schulze - The Ultimate Edition - Manikin
Berlin Zehlendorf is from a Berlin concert in December 1976. All three pieces from that concert appear in the box. Schulze had been booked to appear with two lesser known musicians, so to keep people in attendance throughout they had him play at the start, the middle, and the end. It's not clear where this slots in chronologically.
Berlin Zehlendorf
Klaus Schulze - The Ultimate Edition - Manikin
For Barry Graves dates from January 1977 (broadcast February 1977). The host of the program where it aired was named Barry Graves, thus the title. The other band appearing that day was Can. This piece is kind of typical late-70s Klaus, maybe similar to something from the Body Love series?
For Barry Graves
Klaus Schulze - The Ultimate Edition - Manikin
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