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Electronic Meditation
Thursday July 13th, 2017 with Sean McFee
East Berlin School

There is a wonderful summary related to this music, entitled "An oral history of electronic music in East Germany", at this link:
Feuer in der Welt
Berluc - Reise zu den Sternen (1979) - Amiga
Reinhard Lakomy (1946-1963) was a prolific East German musician across a range of styles including jazz, rock, childrens' music, and finally electronic music inspired by Tangerine Dream. His two albums are a fine representation of the 1980s style.
Das geheime Leben
Reinhard Lakomy - Das geheime Leben (1982) - Amiga
Reinhard Lakomy - Der Traum von Asgard (1983) - Amiga
Pond had started off playing "bombastic rock" (prog) before Tangerine Dream changed their approach.
Pond - Planetenwind (1984) - Amiga
Music from the Tangerine Dream concert that started everything off -- an early show from the Froese/Franke/Schmoelling era, and almost unique in that era by its reliance on analog synthesizer technology. This set starts off with a piano piece by Johannes Schmoelling, and themes from Tangram are woven in.
East Berlin Set Two
Tangerine Dream - The Official Bootleg Series Volume Two - Esoteric
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