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Electronic Meditation
Thursday December 29th, 2016 with Sean McFee
Music is painting in the air

Happy birthday Mom!
Hour One: A neo-psych ballad, three classic atmospheric tracks, some obscure experimental music, Daevid Allen's anti-drug (!) song, and deep space exploration from Black Mountain's Jeremy Schmidt.
Broken Heart
Spiritualized - Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space - Arista
Agitation Free - At the cliffs of river Rhine - Garden of Delights
Music is painting in the air
Sensations' Fix - Fragments of Light - Polydor
Cluster - Sowiesoso - Bureau B
Element Kuuda - La Prairie - Loova Canadian
Fohat Digs Holes In Space
Gong - Camembert Electrique - Victor
Dwarf Reaching the Arch Wonder
Sinoia Caves - The Enchanter Persuaded - Brah Canadian
Hour Two: John Mills-Cockell's early moog meanderings in Kensington Market, British neo-Berlin pioneers Node, Toronto space rock grooves from Outer Temple, a classic Brazilian "primitive" psych-folk monster, and an obscure Quebec electronic space exploration.
Help Me
Kensington Market - Aardvark - Pacemaker Canadian
Node - Node - Deviant
The Dreamquest of Eternal Kadeth
Outer Temple - Outer Temple - private Canadian
Terra (Trilha de Sumé / Culto à Terra / Bailado das Muscarias)
Lula Cortes e Zé Ramalho - Paêbirú - Shadoks
Balaam Galang - We Ran Out to Uranus - La Charrue par les Cornes Canadian
If you can't send them away happy, at least send them running.
Lauft... heisst das es lauf odor es kommt bald .. lauft
Faust - IV - Caroline
Interactive CKCU
Sounding good. Enjoyed the music.

11:44 AM, December 29th, 2016