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Electronic Meditation
Thursday June 30th, 2016 with Sean McFee
Enough Zanov

Music of Pierre Salkazanov (aka Zanov), and some stuff before, and some stuff after.
Redshift - Oblivion - Distant Sun
War on the East Coast
The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers - Last Gang Canadian
Harmonia & Eno '76 - Tracks & Traces - Grönland
Space Cats
Anomalous Disturbances - single Canadian New
Valley of the Gods
Peter Baumann - Machines of Desire - Bureau B New
Pierre Salkazanov has been composing electronic music for the last 40 years, although there was a bit of a lengthy break in the middle :). Albums coming out in the 70s include Green Ray (76), Moebius 256 301 (77), and In Course of Time (recorded 79, released 82/83). A fourth album (Nous Reprenons Notre Avenir) was mostly completed but put on the shelf.

In 2014 Zanov released Virtual Future, which was the completion of the unfinished album, and this year in May he released his first all-new recordings in 35 years, Open Worlds.

I'm going to start by playing a block of the newest releases, and then I will play a block of the vinyl period.

Virtual Future and Open Worlds can be purchased on Discogs. Zanov has a website at
Very Far
Zanov - Virtual Future -
Neuronal Storm
Zanov - Virtual Future -
Electric Dust Field
Zanov - Open Worlds - New
Remote Impact
Zanov - Open Worlds - New
Now we will play some "classic" period Zanov! I have played these albums on the show before so I chose different songs this time.
Machine Desperation
Zanov - Green Ray - Polydor
Zanov - Moebius 256 301 - Polydor
Zanov - In Course of Time - Ondes
I have time for a bit more music! First, a track from Vincent Dionne of Dionne-Brégent. His solo music is a bit more ECM-ish (thanks to the involvement of Paul McCandless of Oregon) and digital. We close with another recent composition from Anomalous Disturbances.
Nil bleu, nil blanc
Vincent Dionne - Destinations - Guérin Morali Desjardins Canadian
Drone Day Drift Away
Anomalous Disturbances - single Canadian New
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