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Electronic Meditation
Thursday September 24th, 2015 with Sean McFee
The Vinyl Countdown IV

Tonight it all comes from a record.
Old Timer
Tapestry - Down By Maple River - Polydor Canadian
Between the Lines
Riverson - Riverson - Columbia Canadian
La Fenêtre
Mama Bea Tekielski - Faudrait rallumer la lumière dans ce foutu compartiment! - Isadora
After songs with words, we head to the first side of Croatian artist Drago Mlinarec's album "Rodenje". The final track translates as Song of Childhood, and Google translate seems to give us this:

High sky of my childhood dreams,
something long past days,
summer in the shade of poplars,
in the song lives my poem on yesterday.

The past gives a surreal image,
a time that now lives,
Future new verse but writes,
the song you sing oblivion deleted.
Rodenje / Helena lipeja i ja u kisi
Drago Mlinarec - Rodenje - Jugoton
Pjesma o djetinjstvu
Drago Mlinarec - Rodenje - Jugoton
Next up is a rather pretty side-long composition by British artist Gryphon, who started off making rock arrangements of folk music and moved towards their own folky form of progressive rock, featuring an almost unique use of the Krümhorn. Their second album is transitional between the two periods and features this gorgeous suite. Not particularly hard to find on CD, but I happen to have it on vinyl, so let's hear it anyway!
Midnight Mushrumps
Gryphon - Midnight Mushrumps - Transatlantic
For the second hour, we'll start with the second side of Michel Madore's great instrumental album/project "le Komuso à Cordes", and then follow it up with an obscurity by Ron Proby. Proby is co-credited with Madore on arrangements, and plays saxophones, ocarina, some of the keyboard parts, and percussion. On his own jazz album from a few years earlier, he plays saxophone and Richard Sasnow plays electric piano, with others on bass and drums, and the style is informed by Miles Davis' then-recent work.
Michel Madore - Komuso à Cordes - Barclay Canadian
Michel Madore - Komuso à Cordes - Barclay Canadian
Michel Madore - Komuso à Cordes - Barclay Canadian
Michel Madore - Komuso à Cordes - Barclay Canadian
Vajra Dakini
Ron Proby - Evian: The Music of Ron Proby - Radio Canada International Canadian
Now it is time for some electronic meditation.

Zanov (Pierre Salkazanov) released three albums officially in the late 70s/early 80s. I played something from In Course of Time previously on the show. Green Ray was his first album. He actually has a brand new album called Virtual Future, after a 32 break, that I still need to pick up.

Neuronium, from Spain, have released a ton of electronic music albums since the late 1970s. Over time it increasingly became the solo vehicle of Michel Huygen, and veered somewhat closer to New Age territory. The cut here comes from their first album from 1977, when they were a trio of Huygen (keys), Albert Gimenez (guitar), and Carlos Guirao (keys, flute, acoustic guitar).
Green Ray
Zanov - Green Ray - Polydor
Neuronium - Quasar 2C361 - Harvest
El Valle de Rimac
Neuronium - Quasar 2C361 - Harvest
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