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Electronic Meditation
Thursday June 18th, 2015 with Sean McFee
A Bunch of Brady

Tonight, guitarist and composer Tim Brady, along with Norwegian ensemble Jaga Jazzist (who are about to play the Ottawa Jazz Festival) and other goodies.
Alice In My Fantasies
Funkadelic - Standing on the Verge of Getting It On - Westbound
You Never Will
IQ - Dark Matter - Giant Electric Pea
The Whole World Window
Cardiacs - A Little Man and a House and The Whole World Window - Alphabet Business Concern
Jaga Jazzist will be playing the Ottawa Jazz Festival on June 30th. They are super-good! Here is some of their music. Listen and then go to the show!
One-Armed Bandit
Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit - Ninja Tune
Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit - Ninja Tune
Jaga Jazzist - Starfire - Ninja Tune New
Big City Music
Jaga Jazzist - Starfire - Ninja Tune New
Tim Brady is a guitarist and composer. Many of his guitar pieces are for solo guitar and tape; as if to explore the full sonic possibilities of the instrument.

On 1992's Imaginary Guitars, for electric guitar, electronics, and tape, he mixes performance pieces with some use of effects, multi-tracked "concrète-style" guitar explorations, and commissioned works by other composers.

For 1997's Strange Attractors, every sound is produced by an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, and then manipulated to produce wonderfully inventive noise and soundscapes.

In the early 2000s he moved to the Ambiances Magnétiques label. Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks is taken up mostly by the title composition for twenty young guitarists and voice, but I am most drawn to the more "classical Brady" closing piece for electric guitar and tape, which is what I'm playing here.

2003's Unison Rituals mixes up the tonal colours, with pieces by a variety of Brady ensembles; Quasar (sax quartet), Bradyworks ("chamber ensemble" + Brady on electric guitar), and Kappa (big band). The pieces span Brady's career and there is great variety, from the sinuous opening of Double Helix to the doomy power of Sound Off.
Symphony In Two Parts (excerpt)
Tim Brady - Imaginary Guitars - Justin Time Canadian
Linear Projection in a Jump Cut World
Tim Brady - Strange Attractors - Justin Time Canadian
Collapsing Possibility Wave
Tim Brady - Strange Attractors - Justin Time Canadian
Sauciehall Street
Tim Brady - Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
Double Helix
Tim Brady / Bradyworks - Unison Rituals - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
Sound Off
Tim Brady / Kappa - Unison Rituals - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
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