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Electronic Meditation
Thursday June 19th, 2014 with Sean McFee
The Vinyl Countdown

Every track in this week's tire fire come carefully curated from the collection of the ... ok, enough alliteration. It's all vinyl this week. We're starting with songs with words.

The Dalbello track was covered by Queensryche on their 1986 release Rage for Order.
Making Plans for Nigel
XTC - Drums & Wires - Virgin
Gonna Get Close To You
Dalbello - Whomanfoursays - EMI Canada Canadian
Generation 1942
Kornelyans - Not an Ordinary Life - RTB
Now some instrumental tracks, heading towards electronic.

Michel Madore was a Quebec-based keyboardist who released two albums, one more progressive rock and the second more electronic/ambient, before moving to France and becoming a painter. The cut here is from the first album.

Georges Grunblatt was a member of latter-day Heldon and is joined on this record by a number of other Heldon alumni; Richard Pinhas, Michel Ettori, Didier Batard, and François Auger. Coming out the year after Stand By, it's a must-hear for followers of those musicians.
Samum (Detrée)
Between - And the Waters Opened - Wergo
Michel Madore - Le Komuso à Cordes - Barclay Canadian
Vent d'ether
Georges Grunblatt - K-Priss - Polydor
Electronic music not from Germany.

Pascal Languirand released three albums of electronic music in the late 70s/early 80s. Laza Ristovski had been a keyboardist in groups such as Bijelo Dugme (hard rock) and Smak (hard rock/prog) prior to setting out on his own and making a series of electronic albums.

Didier Bocquet was a pretty obscure Berlin-school influenced French electronic artist, although he actually somehow got a brief mention in Edward Macan's seminal history of progressive rock, "Rocking the Classics".
Alpha 700
Pascal Languirand - Minos - Kebec-Disc Canadian
Beyond the Horizon
Laza Ristovski - Merge - RTB
Didier Bocquet - Sequences - Pulse
And now electronic music from Germany, from a guy that needs to be heard by anyone who likes Klaus Schulze... who also produced this.
Wolfgang Bock - Cycles - Teldec
Some weird stuff from Bruce Haack and Terry Riley.

If you want to watch something pretty fun, search for "Bruce Haack Mr Rogers" on Youtube and see kids learn about avant-garde electronic music!

The Terry Riley is a callback to some music I played on a couple of earlier shows. This is a later one of his and pretty good.
Super Nova
Bruce Haack - The Electric Lucifer - Columbia Canadian
Celestial Valley
Terry Riley - Shri Camel - CBS
Bruce Haack - The Electric Lucifer - Columbia Canadian
To close the show, not the tracks you wanted, but the tracks you deserve.
Terror is Real
Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed - private
The Cage
Tuxedomoon - True Stories - Base Record