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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday May 3rd, 2021 with Ralph Hopper
Chenoa Anderson / John Oliver, Chantal Dumas, John Celona, Guillaume Campion, Dominic Jasmin, Rose Bolton, Nick Storring, Robert Normandeau

Birds of Paradise Lost
Chenoa Anderson / John Oliver - Krishna’s Flute - earsay Canadian
Dorsale medio-atlantique
Chantal Dumas - Oscillations planetaires - IMED Canadian
Primitive Cool
John Celona - archive Canadian
Guillaume Campion - Cache 2010 Canadian
Ca va bien
Dominic Jasmin - Synergy and Parasitism - Dame/Mikroclimat Canadian New
Starless Night
Rose Bolton - The Lost Clock - Casauna Canadian
Artifacts [1]
Nick Storring - Rife Canadian
Hamlet – Machine with Actors
Robert Normandeau - Puzzles - IMED Canadian
Interactive CKCU