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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 28th, 2020 with Ralph Hopper
Denis Lorrain, Francis Dhomont, Alain Thibault, John Oswald, Bruno Degazio, Paul Lansky, Daniel Scheidt

The Other Shape
Denis Lorrain / Robert Leroux - Shadow Box - CMC Canadian
Francis Dhomont - Mouvances –Metaphores - IMED Canadian
Alain Thibault - Volt - IMED Canadian
Bell Speeds
John Oswald - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Humoresque 901534
Bruno Degazio - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Paul Lansky - More than Idle Chatter - Bridge
Stories Told
Daniel Scheidt - Action/Reaction - IMED Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Just checking in, and sending greeting to ALL. Happy solstice events, whatever you practice, and hopeful we can start being in person, with REAL hugs soon. Peace, Virtual hugs, Stay safe, take care of the planet.

1:21 PM, December 28th, 2020
OH! And the Alain Thibault "E.L.V.I.S." piece (on now) is totally killer. Just packed with texture and interesting contrasting sounds. Great to hear it fully again. Headphones firmly clamped on. Thank you for keeping our ears wiggling in new and unusual ways, as always. Peace.

1:28 PM, December 28th, 2020
Thank you for your comments Peter and for listening once again. Happy New Year to you

9:52 PM, December 30th, 2020