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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 2nd, 2020 with Ralph Hopper
Funding Drive #2: Michael Smith, Zak Settel, Cybernetic Orchestra, Marco Dibeltulu, Daniel Mayer, Ragnar Grippe, Yves Daoust, Jean-Francois Denis

Style de Bougalou
Michael Smith - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Zak Settel - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Cybernetic Orchestra - esp.beat Canadian
In the midst
Cybernetic Orchestra - esp.beat Canadian
Quadri degli elementi
Marco Dibeltulu - self
Matters 3
Daniel Mayer - self
Vox Altra
Ragnar Grippe - self
Mi Bemol
Yves Daoust - Electro Clips Canadian
Jean-Francois Denis - Electro Clips Canadian
Interactive CKCU
THANK YOU as always Ralph! Donaaay underway! Always challenging on the ears. As it should be. DO IT NOW PEOPLE! You know you should. COMMUNITY RADIO IS IMPORTANT

1:44 PM, November 2nd, 2020