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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday July 13th, 2020 with Ralph Hopper
Elliott Lupp, Elainie Lillios, Alex Christie, Gustavo Chab, Nicola Giannini, Emma Margetson, Paul Wilson, Ralf Haarmann

Elliott Lupp - SEAMUS 29 - New Focus Recordings
Elainie Lillios - SEAMUS 29 - New Focus Recordings
Alex Christie - SEAMUS 29 - New Focus Recordings
Spiral Voice
Gustavo Chab - sonus
Voci Registrate
Nicola Giannini - Soundcloud Canadian
The Sound of Dome
Nicola Giannini - Soundcloud Canadian
Emma Margetson - Soundcloud
Sketching Froanna
Emma Margetson - Soundcloud
Paul Wilson - EA music from Queen’s U, Belfast
Herbert Stencil disguised as Orpheus in the Underworld
Ralf Haarmann - self
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Really enjoyable show Ralph!

1:44 PM, July 13th, 2020