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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday May 4th, 2020 with Ralph Hopper
Leo Kupper, Stephen Fai, Steven Calder, Wende Bartley, David Hirst, Lea Boudreau, Alexander Millar, Fernando Alexis

Leo Kupper - Cultures Electroniques 14
Bells for Saint Monica
Stephen Fai - Concordia Archival Project Canadian
Rhythm Study
Stephen Calder - Concordia Archival Project
Mi Homo
Wende Bartley - Concordia Archival Project Canadian
#102 Scrabbling, #103 Reson
David Hirst - Three Studies
Amie imaginaires
Lea Boudreau - Chaos Control - DAME Canadian
How to navigate through social anxiety in 3 easy steps
Lea Boudreau - Chaos Control - DAME Canadian
Contours of Morelia
Alexander Millar - self
Fernando Alexis - self Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Thank you Ralph! If i were a cat, i'd probably be hiding under the couch. Happily. ;^)

1:11 PM, May 4th, 2020