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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday March 2nd, 2020 with Ralph Hopper
Paul Lansky, Neil Rolnick, Randall Smith, Ludger Brummer, Trevor Tureski/John Oliver, Roger Doyle

Paul Lansky - More Than Idle Chatter
Macedonian AirDrumming
Neil Rolnick - Macedonian AirDrumming
La Voliere
Randall Smith - The Ear Sees Canadian
Ludger Brummer - Cultures Electroniques 10/1997
A Thousand Points of Light
Trevor Tureski/John Oliver - self
Spirit Levels
Roger Doyle - Cultures Electroniques 10/1997
Interactive CKCU
Listening in while doing some chores... Lots of melodic (if you have imaginary friends), plenty of "to not even close". Our imaginary cat is only hiding under the couch a bit. My radio is working well today, apparently. Thank you. ;^)

1:44 PM, March 2nd, 2020
OH! And have y'all checked out the brand spankin' new Rebecca Foon / 'Waxing Moon'. Damned cool!! Pretty sure you have played her experimental cello stuff here before.

1:50 PM, March 2nd, 2020
Ralph Hopper (host)
Hi Peter, thanks for listening and I'll check Rebecca Foon as I don't think I've aired anything by her

1:56 PM, March 2nd, 2020