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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 4th, 2019 with Ralph Hopper
Funding Drive week #2

auguries of innocence
Marcus Beuter - Replace - DEGEM
Nikolaus Heyduck - Replace - DEGEM
Sam Auinger - Replace - DEGEM
Le Reve
Bernd Leukert - Replace - DEGEM
Composition #5 for Silicon Valley
David Chesworth - Machine Messages - ACMA
Persephone’s Transition
Linda Ceff - Machine Messages - ACMA
Study # 1
Jeff Pressing - Machine Messages - ACMA
Let go, go on
Cindy John - Machine Messages - ACMA
Spirit Wheels: Journey
Sylvi MacCormac - Presence 2 - CEC Canadian
Kevin MacLeod - Presence 2 - CEC Canadian
Climb to Camp One
Diana McIntosh - Presence 2 - CEC Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Always a great "what the heck was that" experience on this program Ralph! One of my fave genres. Donay in the interweb thingy on your yay, of course.

12:38 PM, November 4th, 2019
Ralph Hopper (host)
Hi Peter and thank you, thank you

12:42 PM, November 4th, 2019