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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday September 16th, 2019 with Ralph Hopper
Erik Mikael Karlsson, Andrew Lewis, Kyong Mee Choi, Brian Topp, Sophie Delafontaine, James Andean, Jason Dixon, Rachel Holstead

Concordes and Consequences
Erik Mikael Karlsson - 1997 Noroit Prize
Andrew Lewis - 1997 Noroit Prize
Train of Thoughts
Kyong Mee Choi - SEAMUS 28
Brian Topp - SEAMUS 28 Canadian
Respire marche pars va-t-en
Sophie Delafontaine - Accord ouvert - IMED
Hyvat Matkustajat
James Andean - Assemblance[s]
Strong Words Softly Spoken
Jason Dixon - EA from Queen’s U, Belfast
Rain Between The Showers
Rachel Holstead - EA from Queen’s U, Belfast
Interactive CKCU
Intriguing show as always Ralph. Happy ear wiggling here. Ha. I went to Google translate for Hyvät matkustajat. "Dear Travelers". Pron (approx, if you believe GT): 'whovaktmat mooscht koyat". Yeah not enough vowels, in a wrong order, for my tongue too... You should join the This Island Earth collective, so as to mangle even more things, and direct the listeners to playlist and invent their own pronunciations. q;^)

1:57 PM, September 16th, 2019