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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday April 1st, 2019 with Ralph Hopper
Barry Truax/Lawrence Cherney, Daniel Scheidt/Trevor Turesky, Chenoa Anderson/WL Altman, Colin Stetson, David Mott, Serge Arcuri

Song of Songs
Barry Truax/Lawrence Cherney - Song of Songs - Cambridge St. Canadian
Obeying the Laws of Physics
Daniel Scheidt/Trevor Turesky - Action/Reaction - IMED Canadian
Chenoa Anderson/WL Altman - Krishna’s Flute - earsay records Canadian
Colin Stetson - Soundcloud Canadian
Tiger Running Nearer Breathing
David Mott - CMC Canadian
Regarding Starlight
David Mott - CMC Canadian
Serge Arcuri - CMC Canadian
Interactive CKCU